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                  Location: ABOUT US > Company Profile >
                  Sales :0411-83788902
                  Customer Service :0411-83788918
                  Address:Xigang District, Dalian, Changchun, Zhuhai Street Garden, Building 14, 1-9 public buildings
                  QQ mailbox :810333779@qq.com
                  ABOUT US

                            Dalian Shenzhou port machinery equipment Co.,Ltd. formerly known as Dalian Far East Research and Development Center, established in 1991, Port Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. changed its name to Dalian Island of God since 2006 after restructuring. The company has four branches, 56 employees, including with senior technical titles of professional engineers, technical personnel 28 people.The company has a comprehensive mechanism for financial management and strong financial strength, the past five years the average annual sales of 45 million yuan, over the years as the Public Transport Group, the Port Authority of Dalian, Dalian Port Ore Terminal, Dalian, Hong Kong cargo terminal company, Dalian Cityrapid rail transit, Dalian municipal and other enterprises to provide a variety of parts and equipment, while providing the service of the equipment installation, deployment, maintenance, maintenance of the vast majority of customers in the three principles of price, quality, service,recognition and praise.