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                  Location: PRODUCTS > The locomotives information management system >
                  Sales :0411-83788902
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                  Address:Xigang District, Dalian, Changchun, Zhuhai Street Garden, Building 14, 1-9 public buildings
                  QQ mailbox :810333779@qq.com

                  Rolling stock maintenance management system

                        Reform of the current situation of the existing urban rail vehicles, new subway lines maintenance center provides a set of perfect integrated management system for urban rail vehicles, or is the original old maintenance center repair link information construction.

                         The use of this system will greatly enhance the work efficiency of the repair work, standard parts name, specification fault code, implement quality tracking and responsibility tracing, easy for the employee, team work and the work difficulty, easy to maintenance of vehicles, vehicle information statistics, helped lead the detailed information of the track maintenance business generate optimized decision-making, improve efficiency and reduce cost, simplify the business link manual work processes, the workload of statistical input and the error rate.